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Seed Guide


1) Orthodox Seeds

- Short term: Make sure it is ripe enough, well dried, in an envelopepaper and store at room temperature

- Long term (several years): Store in the refrigerator but not in the boxfreezing cold!

2) Recalcitrant Seeds

- Can only be stored for a short period of time

- The best storage method is in the field

- It should not be too dry, preferably stored at the original temperature, put in a plastic containerand store in the refrigerator, not the freezer!

3) Vegetative Part

- Stored in the field

- Can be stored in the refrigerator but not in the freezer!

- Yams & Sweet potatoes: Temperature >14 °C with high humidity can be stored forseveral months

- Potatoes: Can be stored for 5-7 months at a temperature of 4-5°C with a relative humidity of 90%



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