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About Us

This CSO Community Seed Reserve Inventory (IRBK) initiative is spearheaded by the Malaysian Food Sovereignty Forum (FKMM) based on the joint support of various parties and communities among FKMM members and other interested communities who have the same goal. FKMM is a platform for discussion and action in matters related to food security and food sovereignty with approximately 100 members consisting of organizations and individuals.


Objectives & Mission

Empowering Agricultural Rights

To strengthen agricultural rights, ensure access to seeds and protect common ownership so that it is not exploited for personal gain or commercial gain

Practicing Agrobiodiversity Together

To jointly care for and conserve agrobiodiversity or agricultural biodiversity, especially heritage or local seeds

Promoting Seed Sharing Culture Among Farmers and Gardening Enthusiasts

To foster the spirit and practice of saving, caring for, sharing and exchanging seeds among farmers and gardening enthusiasts

Awareness of the Legislation of Common Seed Rights

To give awareness about the existence of legislation and agreements that can affect the common right to seeds or ownership over the use of seeds

Benih Komuniti Family

Nurfitri Amir Muhammad

Project Leader & Committee members

Mageswari Sangaralingam

Committee member

Dr. Nurul Salmi Abdul Latip 

Committee member

Chee Yoke Ling

Committee member

Wan Noriah Wan Ramli

Committee member

Sam May Jean

Committee member

Dr. Anni Mitin

Committee member

Karina Yong

Committee member

Azura Mohd Noor

Committee member

Dr. Hayati Saleh

Committee member

Aroe Ajoeni

Committee member

Izzeady Amir


Norazilah Idris


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