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The Good Seed Will Become Islands and Mountains


A good seed if thrown on land becomes a mountain and if thrown into the sea becomes an island. That means; The good thing is that no matter where it is, it will still be good.

This is a Malay proverb referring to a good person who is sure to benefit the community no matter where he wanders and settles. This proverb exists because of the attitude of traditional people who always observe the elements of their environment. This shows how close they are to the elements of the environment compared to today's society which is further away from nature. Richards Louve in the book Last Child In The Wood defines this generation as "Nature Deficit"

Back to the seed.

What are seeds?

Seeds are the most basic input in agriculture. It is also an embryo, which is contained (embedded) in support or food storage tissue.

What are the characteristics of good seeds?

The definition of good seed is a pure variety with a high germination rate, free from diseases and disease organisms, and with suitable moisture content and weight.

  • Physical health of seeds :

The seeds must be healthy and bright in color. If there is a physical or mechanical defect in it, the growth of the tree will be stunted.

  • Seed purity :

A good seed should be genetically pure and free from contaminants. It will also be free of other plant seeds, weed seeds and inert matter.

  • Healthy seeds :

The seed must be healthy and all its organs, especially the embryo, must develop well and mature.

  • Viability of seed germination :

Seeds should be viable and have a definite shelf life and germination capacity.

  • Seed strength :

The organic power of the seed is called seed vigor. The seed should have a sufficient amount of organic power to assist the process of root initiation and leaf formation.

  • Seed maturity :

The seed must be mature externally and internally. This will determine the germination capacity and strength of the seed.

  • Seed moisture content :

The seeds should have a certain amount of moisture. This depends on the type, variety, species of the seed. Generally, cereals contain 12-14% moisture depending on the type of tree for example, jute contains 7-8% moisture.

  • Seed size :

Quality seeds are uniform in size. Although the size of all the seeds in the plant is not the same, it should be almost uniform size and optimal shape.

  • Seed weight :

According to certain limitations, the seed should contain more nutrients for the growth of the embryo. That is about 2mg of carbohydrates.

  • Seed age :

The seeds are also aged appropriately. When it is over-aged, it can reduce its lifespan and germination capacity.

  • Free from diseases and insects :

Seeds must be disease and insect free. Diseases cause the seeds to be less vigorous, less viable and reduce the percentage of germination.

Well see, there are many characteristics of good seeds, they are suitable when describing the characteristics of good people.

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