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Know Papaya Seeds And What You Need To Know About Papaya

When planting a papaya tree, you do not need to waste time, money and energy to wait until the papaya tree grows to identify whether the papaya tree is male (no fruit) or female (fruit) or hermaphrodite (fruitful). Follow this method.

Observe the shape of the leaves, roots, papaya seeds and flowers. It will look like this ;

Hermaphrodite is a condition where the papaya tree has two sexes and does not need a male or female tree to bear fruit. It's not enough to just know about the seeds and seedlings, here are the facts about the special features of papaya that you may not know yet!


In papaya there is papain. Its job is to break down the strong protein molecules in the meat. The way to soften the meat is simple. a) Cut 2-3 cm of the front or base of the papaya. If there is a stalk, remove the stalk. Use unripe papaya. b) Dice the papaya with the skin on. c) Put it in a blender and grind until it is crushed. Add a little water if necessary. d) Take a fine filter. Pour into a container. Make sure this papaya juice goes into a new container. e) Put the papaya juice on top of the meat. Mix until smooth and blend. f) Marinate between 2-3 hours. If more it will cause the meat to be dry. After enough time to wash the meat. This method is good for softening the meat cooked with beriani.


I like the chapter on papaya and the antioxidant caretonoids in papaya. The specific type is lycopene. This antioxidant is a free radical in the body. When we eat junk food and sugar, free radicals occur. The danger of free radicals is that they can cause Alzheimer's. This lycopene will help neutralize free radicals. This opinion is recorded in the scientific journal Clinical Intervention in Aging.


This chapter is really powerful. Who would have thought that papaya, which is easy to grow and cheap, is anti-cancer. Especially breast cancer. So it's important for ladies and gentlemen to take this papaya. Research on this matter is discussed in the scientific journal International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. The main actor who succeeds in this anti-cancer character is none other than lycopene. Give a round of applause for lycopene.


Do you know the level of your heart health? A study in The American Journal of Medicine found vitamin C and lycopene in papaya prevent heart disease. Not only good for the heart, it also takes care of the prostate for men and prevents tumors. Improve papaya?


One interesting thing about papaya is that it is anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. It lowers the amount of C-Reactive Protein or CRP - the cause of inflammation. If you're trying to lose weight but can't, it's likely that CRP is to blame. One of the evil jobs of CRP is that it binds to the satiety hormone Leptin so that the brain cannot recognize this hormone. Eventually you will continue to eat because your brain thinks you are not full. The reason is that the brain cannot recognize the hormone leptin. As a result, without realizing it, you proudly continue to devour food.


This chapter is important to know. Vitamin C and Lycopene in papaya keep the skin from wrinkles, sagging, and freckles. In short, both are security systems that keep the skin from being damaged. A study in the scientific journal International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that people who took papaya for 14 weeks in a row managed to rejuvenate their skin.

Do you like eating papaya?

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